1. Project Management

  • Establishing a detailed schedule of the activities of the project team.
  • Monthly meetings of team members.
  • Organizing promotional activities of the project.
  • Maintaining communication with contractors and ensuring effective implementation of the contract.
  • Supervise data collection, training activities, Green School and all project activities.
  • Reporting to the contracting authority of the project implementation stage.
  • Provide a correct project management and a smooth implementation of the project
  • Organization of press conferences at the beginning and end of the project for the local media in both countries.
  • Organizing inaugural X-PARC conferences in Arad, Gyula and Bekescsaba.


2. Communication activities

  • Inaugural X-PARC project press conferences in Arad, Gyula Bekescsaba
  • Developing promotional materials
  • Development of web page design
  • Conference for presentation of project results Gyula


3. Development of X-Park facilities
X-PARC will consist of three facilities with complementary functions / tasks:

  • X-PARC Arad - coordination, technical expertise for nature conservation, dissemination, promotion, cooperation and development responsibilities;
  • X-PARC Gyula - responsibilities in education, dissemination and promotion;
  • X-PARC Bekescsaba - the technical expertise to manage the natural resource management, cooperation and development.


4. Collection of information and preparation of the program of promotion, education and dissemination

  • Data collection and X-Nature database development, including on-line GIS
  • Assess the use of natural resources as perceived by local communities.
  • Collection of information on the ground, on the regime of protected areas, protected species and habitats, human impact on biodiversity in the target area; assessment and monitoring of environmental parameters in terms of habitat quality or on the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Preparing a specialized digital dictionary trilingual (English-Hungarian-Romanian) in order to facilitate the work of specialized personnel and specialized organizations.


5. Starting the X-Park activities

  • Training session for managers of protected areas and natural resources managers
  • Training session for local authorities
  • Training session for traders / farmers
  • Green School - environmental education for pupils / students
  • Free advice for local stakeholders
  • Eco-clubs for young people.