The project aims to develop a structure able to provide support to stakeholders involved in the management and conservation of nature and natural resources: managers of protected areas, NGOs, public authorities, businesses, the general public of the target area. The target area is the border area of the Crisul Alb / Körös and Mures / Maros basin.

The project has two levels of development: creating the necessary infrastructure for cross-border protected area of the Resource Center (X-PARC) and activities that are designed to collect information necessary for the specific activities of the center - consulting, support, promotion, dissemination, education.

The Centre will be established in three locations, with complementary functions: Arad, Gyula Bekescsaba:
- X-PARC Center Arad will work especially in terms of biodiversity conservation and appropriate management of protected natural areas;
- X-PARC Center Gyula will have a primarily educational purpose for the environmental education of children and youth and for initiating farmers in organic farming;
- X-PARC Center Békéscsaba for developing environmental policies and the relationship with government and local, regional and even national environment.

The activities to be implemented under the project are:

1. Data collection and X-Nature database development, including online GIS.
2. Evaluation of nature conservation and natural resource use, as perceived by local communities.
3. Collection of information in the field about the protected areas regime, protected species and habitats, human impact on biodiversity in the target area; assessment and monitoring of environmental parameters in terms of habitats quality or on the sustainable use of natural resources.
4. Preparing a specialized dictionary trilingual (English, Hungarian, Romanian).
5. Training sessions for managers of protected areas and natural resources managers.
6. Training sessions for local authorities.
7. Training session for operators / farmers.
8. Green School - ecological.
9. Free Consulting for the parties involved, including cross-border access to decision-making for environmental issues.
10. Eco-clubs for young people.
11. Develop a joint plan of action for biodiversity in the target area.

X-PARC will deal with issues of nature conservation and natural resource management of the specific target area in a cross-border context. Cross-border access to information will be provided to stakeholders.