The Association for the Promotion of Natural and Cultural Values of Banat and Crisan "Excelsior" is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006 by a group of young professionals in the fields of ecology and environmental protection. All the members of the association are graduate specialists in biology, ecology, geography, science and law.

The purpose of the association, as remarked in its name, is to promote the natural and cultural values of the two historic regions of western Romania - Banat and Crisana through activities such as: inventory and monitoring studies of biodiversity and cultural values, assessment of biodiversity conservation, economic valuation of natural and cultural resources, environmental education and public awareness, education and assessment for sustainable rural development. The organization wants to achieve a qualified and informed promotion of these values, for their sustainable use and for sustainable development of the communities in their vicinity. It also promotes the conservation of natural and cultural values of major importance or endangered.

Although the original purpose of the organization was to carry out activities especially in those two regions, the association has already been involved in projects with impact at European and transnational level and engages in activities that contribute to the development and implementation of environmental policies at the regional and national level. The Association also provides consultancy for applying and implementation of European funded projects in environment, rural development and cross-border cooperation.